Timothy Allen – Long

“The difference is startling – the online system is far smoother and easier to use.

BeVox is a small business running community choirs across Yorkshire and the Midlands. After two years of operation, it became clear that our existing systems for handling customer registration, attendance, and the loan of sheet music and CDs, were struggling to cope. We needed to move the vast majority of the administration of our business online.

We spoke to several web application development companies before choosing Foxsoft – they seemed to combine a professional approach with an understanding of the realities of running a small business. We were working to tight deadlines, and with a limited budget. Foxsoft delivered exactly what we were looking for – and more. Probably the best aspect of working with them has been the level of involvement they’ve encouraged us to have – their methodology has allowed us to get our hands dirty right from the beginning, testing and shaping the application as it was being written.

The end result is something which fits our business perfectly. Phase One has been a real success, and has reduced the time taken to do our admin by half.We’re looking forward to working with Foxsoft on Phase Two, which will deliver yet more value to our business and our customers.”

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Andy Henson specialises in practical, yet creative, business solutions. Drawing on his experience, he couples the latest in technological thinking with a sound knowledge of business.