Situated in beautiful rural Staffordshire our office is part of a listed stable conversion that now houses developers instead of horses. The clean air and green surroundings not only provide a nice environment for development, but make escape on foot almost impossible.

Our History

Foxsoft Ltd was founded in 1997 by Hugh, a database programmer with over 30 years experience. He had become disillusioned with the philosophies of the development houses he had worked for and wanted to offer clients better value from bespoke development. Since then, Foxsoft Ltd has bloomed into a capable and established developer of bespoke web and Windows software offering a range of services.

Our Team

So what makes us different? We do. When you ask us to take on a project, you get us, not some faceless corporation who spew out buzzword-y phrases but real people who will talk to you and find out what you think you want and then help you discover what you actually need. We’re not everyone’s cup of tea but that’s ok, give us a call, or pop in and have a cup of decent coffee with us and see if we’re the sort of people you want building your next application.

Our Advantage

We feel that our size helps us to stay true to our core philosophy of flexibility. Our agile approach to design and development gives our clients flexibility to ask for changes and gives us the flexibility to make them. If you’re interested or intrigued, we’ve got more to say about our philosophy and our project approach.