General Principles

Mutual respect between ourselves and everyone we interact with
Everyone is treated as equals
Everyone on the team is valuable and has a role to play, we don’t discriminate based on faith, political allegiance, gender, race or any other prejudice.
Our people are our greatest asset, so we look after them and help them learn and grow
In turn, we become more valuable to our clients, more able to service their needs and provide better solutions to their problems.

🌟 Quality

Anyone can “stop the line”
Quality is everyone’s responsibility. If you see an issue then it is on you to raise it and “stop the line”. It is better to fix quality problems early, when it is cheaper and easier to change course.
Bring solutions not problems
Always strive to find solutions to problems.
We appreciate transparency, communication and clarity
Don’t leave “broken windows”
Leave things better than when you found them.
We are a team — whatever we’re working on, we’re all responsible for its success
We succeed or fail together. You understand the parts you play but always consider the bigger picture.

📈 Value

We prefer data over emotions
We prefer actionable metrics and data to make informed decisions. Research and hard data trump emotions when making decisions. If we don’t have data then we use our experience and best judgement to make an interim decision but put measures in place to collect the necessary data to validate or make a better decision later.
Speak up if you see a better way
No-one can know everything, nor know the absolute best way to achieve something. It’s important that everyone is heard so great ideas, no matter the source, bubble upwards.
Always be looking where you can create and add value
Don’t simply “do your job”. Our clients pay us to help solve their problems, if you can see improvements that would benefit them it is imperative that you make them known.
We strive for outsized outcomes and results
Closely related to the above, we want to do more than just what the clients ask us for. We listen and suggest alternative solutions that not only meet their stated goals but exceed them and their expectations.

🎓 Kaizen

Systemise and automate whenever possible
If you find yourself doing the same thing, more than a few times, look for ways to improve the process by systemising it and then automating it when the benefits outweigh the effort.
Mistakes are unavoidable — but we don’t make them twice
We all make mistakes, but we do our best to learn from them, and ensure they are not repeated by ourselves or the rest of our team.
We recognise that we can always improve
Therefore, we have strong opinions, loosely held, and take initiative to improve ourselves, the company, and our community. Our processes support this through regular retrospectives and reviews.
Don’t be a silo
Educate, teach and share what you know freely. If information you have is necessary or beneficial for others to know then make it available.