Did your Ruby on Rails developer ditch you?

Our Ruby on Rails specialists are really good at understanding applications that other developers created. They follow a comprehensive process for support and maintenance that will serve you in two specific ways:
1) take back control of your application and
2) ensure it serves your business effectively. 

We’ll have your app back on rails in no time. Pun intended.

Tell Me About the Process

Do you need to rescue your Rails application?

We’ve been working with Ruby on Rails since 2006 and specialise in rescuing applications that aren’t aren’t up to date or haven’t been proactively maintained.

Whether your app needs a bit of TLC, ongoing support, or a complete overhaul, we’ll get it back to where it should be. We’ll transform it from a liability into an asset with excellent ROI.

Okay, You’ve Got My Attention

Does this sound like you?

Private, small to medium-sized companies with £1m+ in revenue come to Foxsoft when they need technical partners and a process they can count on.

At the start of the conversation, they say things like this:

Andy cares. It’s not just about numbers. He wants to have a relationship with us and deliver to our needs. They’re not greedy. Foxsoft is priced in a way that is appropriate, and yet their model is ‘You can leave us at any point.’ There’s the documentation and everything we’d need to go and use another developer.” You don’t get that in business often. We do trust them and we’re happy to continue to work with them.

Case Study: Sleeps12

I’d just like to say how much of a difference the online system has made to our business – we’d have been lost without it this year. As you know, Toni was out of action for several months, and I was stretched really thinly. I would not have managed to keep the business running if I’d been trying to do it using our old systems. The online system you developed streamlines things so much, I was able to keep on top of things without working myself into the ground.

Your software and your confidence in it.

That’s what we build.

We call our built-to-last approach to Ruby on Rails development “The Foxsoft Way.” Our clients must like it because the majority stick with us for 8+ years, on average.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

In short, we get your software to where it should be and keep it there.

Learn more about The Foxsoft Way.

(Or, go ahead and book a 20-minute consult.)

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